Frameless Reinvented & Affordable Luxury

GoldenHome Cabinetry provides modern-style kitchen and bath cabinets at an affordable price. Since 1999, GoldenHome Cabinetry has been producing name brand cabinets for the global markets. Today, the company has become one of the world’s leading cabinet makers. With many locations stretching across China, Australia, Middle East, and the U.S. Quality is of the essence of GoldenHome operation. The company has selected environmentally friendly materials to ensure premium quality. State-of-the-art automated controlled German HOMAG equipment is introduced for precise manufacturing as well.

GoldenHome regards the customer’s health as our top concern, that is why we carefully select environmentally friendly materials. As one of the worldwide leading modern cabinet manufacturers, GoldenHome specializes in R&D innovation, service, and manufacturing of modern cabinets ranging from lacquer, laminate to thermofoil, and many other unique styles. GoldenHome specializes in cabinets, which makes it becomes the Kitchen Industrial Design Center.